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No Pain, No Gain

1 on 1 Training

with Lee James

With over 18 years of experience in the health & fitness industry, we cater to every individual’s fitness goals. Whether you want to get fitter, stronger, Increase cardiovascular endurance, be conditioned for a specific sport and even pre and postnatal training…you name it we do it.

Our passion reflects not only in the results we achieve with our clients but also the relationships we build. We walk the journey as a team.

During the lockdown, we are offering our sessions online only. One does not need fancy equipment or dumbells to achieve amazing results with online training. Simply correct guidance and most importantly our clients are taught perfect form and technique and by doing this we increase results and decrease the risk of injury.

Remember, this is NOT a 100m sprint, this is a marathon!

We do not make false promises. If it has taken an individual 10 years to get out of shape how can one expect to get into shape in a few weeks?

This is NOT body for 12 weeks THIS IS A BODY FOR LIFE and that takes hard work and discipline.

For Individuals who train at home WE PROVIDE ALL THE EQUIPMENT necessary and travel to you home,business,wherever suits you and train you.



NO membership required


No waiting for equipment


Completely personalised programmes


Full assessment during first session


I work to YOUR strengths


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Lee made me feel comfortable from the outset. He was honest and realistic with my fitness goals. I immediately learnt new things about my body. I have yet to be bored and I find the workouts set by Lee are challenging but within my limits, for my ‘now body.’ I am allowed to ask a million questions and he is incredibly knowledgeable and very professional in explaining all of them. 

Lois - 5 Stars

Kloof, KwaZulu Natal

I have always had a personal trainer with me at the gym but with the lockdown, it made me rethink how to keep the momentum going. I reached out to Lee for some online training. I am based in Johannesburg, and though having a trainer in KZN would be difficult but sessions have been a pleasure. Using remote meetings we have perfected the form of the movements and increased my strength. The training style is continuously changing which keeps it interesting and Lee plays to what works for you. I have yet to meet a trainer as invested as he is.

Gavin - 5 Stars

Gauteng, South Africa

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